Denarii Monroe

Denarii Monroe

I'm a writer.

Blackness; gender; sexuality (including polyamory & BDSM); LGBTQIA (bisexuality specifically); disability; classism; Health at Every Size, body positivity, and fat acceptance movements, and much more.

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Revisiting #DisabilityTooWhite (Hint: There's Still A Problem)

I got to interview disability rights advocate Vilissa Thompson about the one year anniversary of her hashtag Disability Too White ( #DisabilityTooWhite ). There are so many nuggets in this interview and it was a pleasure working with another Black woman disability activist.

The Kim Burrells Will Never Care: Why We As LGBTQ2IA+ Black People Should Let the Black Church Go

From personal experience, I outline the importance of divesting from harmful, oppressive institutions.


How Bisexual Women Can Take Charge of Their Sexual Health in a Bi+ Antagonistic Society

During Bi+ (plus) Health Awareness Month, I gave the bi+ (plus) community on accessible, affordable tips that they can use to be empowered in their own healthcare.

20 Years of Buffy: Feminist Empowerment Through Tapping into Ancestral Forces

For the 20th anniversary of the debut of the iconic TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I wrote for Bitch Magazine about the enormous influence that Buffy has had on my life, both as an advocate for gender equity and liberation and as a storyteller and writer.

Meat on Dem Bones: Fat Antagonism and Diet Culture in Black Beauty Politics

In this article, a profound combination of facts, sociopolitical analysis, and personal narrative, I interrogate specific ways in which the harmful effects of fat hate appear in Black American culture.

The Importance Of Data In Sexual Assault Cases

A straight reported piece about a panel that took place in October 2016, featuring experts in various fields who discussed the ways that various kinds of data can help in the fight against sexual assault and rape culture.

3 Ways My Learning Disability Affects My Life

I'm up at Everyday Feminism again writing about my personal experiences with learning disability.

The Billfold

Making Art In The Time of Capitalism

PIggybacking off of my article for Ravishly ("I'm Not Giving Up"), I talk about my dream of screenwriting from a financial perspective and the plight of the "struggling artist."

I'm Not Giving Up On My Dreams, And Neither Should You

I talk about my dream of being a screenwriter and how I've decided to use my frustrations with the struggle of being an artist to fuel a new chapter in my artistic life.

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Brooklyn Magazine

A One Woman Show: Sheela Lambert on the 5th Annual Bisexual Book Awards

I profile bi activist Sheela Lambert (pictured) about her life, her activism, and the 5th Annual Bi Book Awards.


Why Celebrities Should Speak Out About the Stuff That Matters

A self-published Medium essay on why none of us - not even celebrities - can afford to be silent in these times.

Brooklyn Magazine

I Don’t Read Books

I write candidly about my self-diagnosed learning disability and how it affects my ability to enjoy one of the things I love the most.

3 Reasons to Find a Better Term Than '-Phobia' to Describe Oppression

In this article I passionately argue why terms like "homophobia," "Islamophobia," and "fatphobia" are harmful, not only to disabled people but even to the communities which these terms represent.

Struggling With Personal Boundaries? Check Out Our 'How To' Guide

Struggling With Personal Boundaries? Check Out Our ...

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Battling Fat Trauma

Featuring excerpts from interviews with activists and nutrition & health experts, I put together an important article for The Development Set about weight stigma, fat antagonism, and a better way to look at our whole health. The featured photo is a picture of me.