Denarii Monroe

Denarii Monroe

I'm a writer.

Blackness; gender; sexuality (including polyamory & BDSM); LGBTQIA (bisexuality specifically); disability; classism; Health at Every Size, body positivity, and fat acceptance movements, and much more.

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3 Ways My Learning Disability Affects My Life

I'm up at Everyday Feminism again writing about my personal experiences with learning disability.

3 Reasons to Find a Better Term Than '-Phobia' to Describe Oppression

In this article I passionately argue why terms like "homophobia," "Islamophobia," and "fatphobia" are harmful, not only to disabled people but even to the communities which these terms represent.

Why Businesses Can Still Be Oppressive Even When It Hurts Their Bottom Line

I outline the ways that the root desired effect of capitalism - to turn a profit - has no bearing on an institution's desire to oppress and discriminate against marginalized peoples.

3 Surprising Ways I Learned to Love Myself After a Lifetime of Being Ridiculed for My Looks

I use examples from my own life to provide readers with strategies on their own unique journeys to self-love.

Thinking Critically About Who Pays for the Date — Everyday Feminism

An article about how common ideas about money and love relate to assumptions about gender and sexuality. We should be free to create connections that value our full selves. Get tips for thinking more about who pays for a date, and lose the patriarchal dating script.

I Am Enough: 3 Strategies for LGBTQIA+ People Dealing with Family Rejection

I use my own experience -- as a bisexual person, a former student leader (at the undergrad and grad student levels), and an activist -- to provide readers with strategies to help them deal with queer and trans antagonistic rejection from their families and loved ones.

Beyond 50 Shades: The Reality Behind 3 Myths About BDSM

I talk about common myths regarding BDSM from a feminist perspective.

Too Rich for My Blood: 3 Survival Strategies for the Poor and Working Class

I use my interviews with three regular folks from different walks of life to provide readers with, as the title suggests, three ways that the poor and working class in the U.S. cope with our particular flavor of oppression. For those not P/WC, it provides an empathetic look into our lives and for those who are, it provides validation of our experiences.