Denarii Monroe

Denarii Monroe

I'm a writer.

Blackness; gender; sexuality (including polyamory & BDSM); LGBTQIA (bisexuality specifically); disability; classism; Health at Every Size, body positivity, and fat acceptance movements, and much more.

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I'm Not Giving Up On My Dreams, And Neither Should You

I talk about my dream of being a screenwriter and how I've decided to use my frustrations with the struggle of being an artist to fuel a new chapter in my artistic life.

Struggling With Personal Boundaries? Check Out Our 'How To' Guide

Struggling With Personal Boundaries? Check Out Our ...

Alternative Activism: 3 Ways To Get Involved That Aren't A Rally ...

Alternative Activism: 3 Ways To Get Involved That A...

I'm Almost 30, But My Celebrity Crushes Are Realer Than Ever ...

I'm Almost 30, But My Celebrity Crushes Are Realer ...

The Right To Be Ugly: How Lookism Affects My Ability To Be Carefree

I write about lookism (which I explain) and the struggle to feel beautiful in a society that won't let me be.

Friend Breakups Can Hurt As Much As Romantic Breakups

I write about the significance of friendship break ups for queer and trans people of color from my own perspective of losing a friend.

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3 Ways To Avoid Tokenizing People (Because I'm Sick Of It)

Tips for avoiding tokenizing marginalized groups, based on my own personal and activist experiences.

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Having Very Curly Hair Is Challenging, But Not For The Reasons You'd Expect

I write about having curly, Afro-textured hair and the challenges of living in a society that devalues who I am.

My Therapist Fired Me — And I'm OK With It

I talk about my own experiences with the therapist/patient relationship and the importance of being honest with and listening to ourselves.

Tough Love: Not Always A Great Way To Help People Succeed

I talk about the shame of failure and why "tough love" talk often isn't the right way to go about helping people who are struggling or trying to find their way.

Why I Never, Ever Want A Roommate Again

I write about adulting, disability, and taking responsibility for myself and others.

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I Visited Planned Parenthood For The First Time At Age 29

I talk about my expectations (or lack thereof) and how even the most "woke" of us can still harbor negative, ignorant ideas about this essential institution.

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Writing Culture Has An Ableism Problem

I interview six writers with various disabilities and explore the obstacles that those of us with disabilities face in writing industries.

On Activism: An Open Letter To My Peoples

I write an open letter to the various marginalized communities to which I belong, talking about activism and why some of us can't always "be there."

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On Navigating My Attraction To Whiteness As A Black Woman

Almost a response to my 2013 Black Girl Dangerous essay about Michael B. Jordan and Fruitvale Station, I talk about my crush on actor Matthew Gray Gubler and how the task of shedding the damage of white supremacy is a marathon, not a sprint like I had hoped.